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The Campaign for Real Project Managers

I’ve been thinking about authenticity and the way that Project Managers [PMs] and PMO professionals present themselves in the professional arena. I saw a LinkedIn post a while back highlighting a vacancy advert requiring that the PM had previous experience of managing ‘ugly’ projects, and recounting experience of having interviewed multiple PMs whose projects had…

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Outsiders perspective
The value of an outsider’s perspective

I undertook a series of business planning sessions with business leadership coach Bekka Prideaux, which were aimed at helping me to work out what I want to achieve with my business and how to get it there. During the sessions, Bekka asked many questions – most of them were pretty simple, but required a lot…

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Sussing out services at PMO Flashmob

A bit about PMO Flashmob If you are a PMO professional working in or around London and you haven’t yet heard about PMO Flashmob, then you’re missing out. No really, you are. PMO Flashmob is a networking group for PMO people run by Lindsay Scott that has been around for long enough now that it has started forgetting how old it…

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Back in the summer of 2019 I received an invitation from Americo Pinto, Chair of the PMO Global Alliance, to attend a one-off session he would be running in central London after the annual awards ceremony. It was pitched as an opportunity to provide feedback on the PMO Value Ring (PMO-CP) certification, and included the option to take…

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Learning lessons from projects

I’ve always had something of a bee in my bonnet about lessons learned. It saddens me to think that many organisations don’t fully exploit the learning that passes under their noses every day from running projects. I have long thought that there must be something that we in the project management community can do to…

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Visualising Data

This week’s webinar with PMO Flashmob was an opportunity to share some ideas with PMO professionals around how to engage senior stakeholders more with the insights they are providing. Many were surprised when one of the polls during the session indicated that the most popular way of sharing information is via Microsoft PowerPoint. I must…

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How to drive REAL impact with your PMO

A PPM tool is software designed to be an enterprise-wide, strategic solution which facilitates more effective project portfolio management. It’s a multi-million turnover industry, full of hundreds of options ranging from free and instantly accessible to costing thousands and taking months to configure and implement. Gartner’s Magic Quadrant is regarded as the go-to source of information…

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