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REVIEW: The PMO Lifecycle by William Dow, PMP

“The PMO Lifecycle: Building, Running & Shutting Down” by William Dow, PMP is my go-to book when setting up or improving a PMO, and I keep it close to hand on my business bookshelf for easy reference. It’s definitely a how-to manual, packed with checklists, diagrams and review questions to embed your learning. You can…

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What is a PMO?

I often get asked what PMO stands for (especially by baffled members of my family!). Well the ‘P’ can stand for project, programme or portfolio, the ‘M’ stands for management, and the ‘O’ stands for office – or officeR – because let’s face it how can a person like me be an office? …so PMO…

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A Project Prayer

One programme team I worked with had a daily stand-up meeting that acquired the nickname of “morning prayers”. It got me wondering – given the opportunity, what should a project or programme team pray for? Here’s what I came up with…

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What does your PMO stand for?

(well OK, mostly the “P” part…) All over the web you will see people asking or debating what the “P” stands for in PMO. The “MO” stands for “Management Office”, but the “P” can stand for Project, Programme or Portfolio depending on the organisational context. Axelos use the term P3O® to cover all three, but this is also…

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