PPM Tool Readiness Assessment

Is your organisation ready to make the most of a PPM tool?

Our PPM tool readiness assessment takes a holistic view of your current project portfolio management environment through three different lenses, each of which are critical to maximising your return on investment when selecting a PPM tool.


PMO Value Ring Methodology
1-to-1 stakeholder conversations
Stakeholder mapping
Roles and responsibilities


A desktop review of the standards, guidance, procedures, and templates that make up your existing change framework. This includes reporting and documentation, plus governance and assurance activities.
An indication your project portfolio management capabilities, using a combination of global best practices, standards and maturity models.


An understanding of the technology which currently enables project portfolio management, including data flows, touchpoints and handoffs, plus integrations with other systems of record, like HR and Finance.
This also involves an overview of your enterprise architecture, to fully appreciate the current and future landscape of business processes and IT systems in your organisation that will impact your target operating model.

The PMO Value Ring

The stakeholder-driven PMO Value Ring methodology is the result of a 7-year research project conducted in collaboration with over 100 PMO leaders worldwide, with a purpose to identify stakeholder expectations about the value generated from services provided by the PMO.

Nicole Reilly is one of few UK-based PMO-CP certified practitioners, who are globally recognised as being fully aligned with the most modern and advanced mindset, methodology, and practices to ensure PMO success.

You can find out more about the PMO-CP certification by clicking on the digital badge.

Nicole takes a conversational approach during stakeholder interviews, to gain a broad overview of opinions on the current framework, methodologies and toolsets. As trust is established, this approach often reveals hidden concerns or ideas for improvement which may otherwise be overlooked. 

We will also invite your nominated stakeholders to complete an online Stakeholder Expectations survey, the results of which will be analysed and presented back to you at the end of the assessment to inform your decisions regarding next steps.

You can find out more about the PMO Value Ring methodology below.

PPM software recommendations

Based on the requirements that emerge during the assessment, we’ll populate our bespoke scoring matrix to enable you to compare and contrast the PPM software options that best meet your needs.

Our recommendations will also consider opportunities to improve and enhance your project portfolio management capabilities as part of configuring and implementing a PPM tool.

If you choose to move forward with us into the Prioritisation and Roadmap phase, we’ll embark on a collaborative prioritisation exercise. This exercise, leveraging the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), will help us zero in on your ideal PPM tool, ensuring your needs and preferences are at the forefront of decision-making.

AHP is designed for multi-criteria decision-making and is ideal for when there are:

  • multiple stakeholders
  • long-term considerations
  • significant organisational impacts
  • large expenditure of resources 

What to expect when you engage The PMO Professionals


Day to day, we will keep in close contact with you and your team using secure online conferencing and collaboration tools that work seamlessly alongside your existing systems and processes.

So even if you operate across multiple locations or time zones, we can work together regardless of where your people are physically located.


When you engage us, we’ll work together to agree on a Statement of Work with clear milestones, metrics and measures.

Once we’re all clear on what’s needed, we’ll get to work!

And you can expect us to put in the effort required to deliver results - because that’s why you called in the professionals.

Set up for success

We won't move on until the agreed handover and knowledge transfer have been completed. This ensures that your people are set up for success and can build upon the results we've achieved together.

And if you'd like more help from us further down the line, then we can make good use of all that residual knowledge of your systems, processes and people to really hit the ground running next time...

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