Leapfrog your learning

This is a group workshop aimed at improving the way that your organisation approaches learning lessons from its delivery experience, to improve the way this is done across all projects.

Do you feel that your organisation’s approach to lessons learned needs a refresh?

Are you trying to make changes but not getting much traction?

Then you need The PMO Professionals to help you Leapfrog your learning!

What we do


Provide a safe space for the team to inspect and characterise the organisation’s approach to lessons learned.


We’ll sift through those observations, evaluate the organisation’s approach, what is helping and what is hindering.


We’ll help you to create action plans that will make real and lasting improvements to your lessons learned approach – and get people to take ownership of those actions.


We can hold a follow up session – typically 6 months after the initial workshop – to evaluate progress to date on the agreed actions.

And more...

What clients say

“I saw Ken speak on Learning Lessons at Project Challenge in London.

I was impressed with his delivery style and totally sold on the message.

So I invited Ken to host a workshop at HSSMI to fire up the interest and encourage our project engineers to think more about the process and thinking behind lessons learned.

A very engaging afternoon for all, with some very specific, dare I say ‘pragmatic’ take-away actions for me and the team to implement.

Great job Ken, Thanks!”

Scott Newcombe
Programme Manager at HSSMI

What to expect when you engage The PMO Professionals


Day to day, we will keep in close contact with you and your team using secure online conferencing and collaboration tools that work seamlessly alongside your existing systems and processes.

So even if you operate across multiple locations or time zones, we can work together regardless of where your people are physically located.


When you engage us, we’ll work together to agree on a Statement of Work with clear milestones, metrics and measures.

Once we’re all clear on what’s needed, we’ll get to work!

And you can expect us to put in the effort required to deliver results - because that’s why you called in the professionals.

Set up for success

We won't move on until the agreed handover and knowledge transfer have been completed. This ensures that your people are set up for success and can build upon the results we've achieved together.

And if you'd like more help from us further down the line, then we can make good use of all that residual knowledge of your systems, processes and people to really hit the ground running next time...

Why not book a call to see if we're a good fit?