PMO Consultancy

PMO consultancy services from a reliable and experienced partner

Our PMO consultancy services are focused and value-driven to streamline your project management practices and significantly enhance the success of your project, programme, and portfolio delivery outcomes.

Working with The PMO Professionals gives you access to recognised PMO experts and dedicated PMO specialists with wide-ranging, real-world experience in building, running, and improving PMO functions, capabilities and services.

PMO Set-up

If you're starting your PMO journey from scratch, we'll help you establish a robust and scalable project delivery framework that aligns and integrates with your existing corporate governance structure and meets the needs of your stakeholders.

We'll then work together to define relevant roles and responsibilities and suggest ongoing success measures.

PMO Improvement

If you already have a PMO in place, our PMO Professionals will thoroughly assess your current project delivery framework, methodologies, and tools to understand exactly where you are now.

Then, we'll use the findings to identify gaps, pinch points, and areas for improvement, and provide a roadmap for short, medium and long-term activities that will enhance performance.

PMO Capability

We'll help your PMO team to understand, assess and develop the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to operate successfully.

Training, coaching and mentoring will support development of core competencies across PMO Administration, PMO Management and Delivery Support plus enabling practices, tools and techniques.

The benefits of working with our focused, value-driven PMO consultants include:

What to expect when you engage The PMO Professionals


Day to day, we will keep in close contact with you and your team using secure online conferencing and collaboration tools that work seamlessly alongside your existing systems and processes.

So even if you operate across multiple locations or time zones, we can work together regardless of where your people are physically located.


When you engage us, we’ll work together to agree on a Statement of Work with clear milestones, metrics and measures.

Once we’re all clear on what’s needed, we’ll get to work!

And you can expect us to put in the effort required to deliver results - because that’s why you called in the professionals.

Set up for success

We won't move on until the agreed handover and knowledge transfer have been completed. This ensures that your people are set up for success and can build upon the results we've achieved together.

And if you'd like more help from us further down the line, then we can make good use of all that residual knowledge of your systems, processes and people to really hit the ground running next time...

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