Programme delivery support

Got something big going on?

Are you a programme director running a large, strategic change programme?

Are you well versed in the business side of what you’re delivering, but need some PMO services to help with the project or programme management side of things?

We can help with that.

In some parts of the PMO world, “support” and “infrastructure” have almost become dirty words, that people are afraid to use. 

But when we hear these words, we think of the frameworks, services and mechanisms that keep other things happening smoothly. 

Here at The PMO Professionals we believe that one very important aspect of PMO is providing the support and infrastructure that enables change to happen.

We believe that infrastructure is the foundation on which project teams build solutions, and support is the lubricant that greases the wheels of delivery. 

We understand what you want

…because we have been where you are now, having spent several years delivering projects (from regulation to relocation) across sectors as diverse as Engineering and Insurance. 

And we have the scars to prove it.

We understand what the Portfolio or Enterprise PMO wants

…because we have led and worked in Portfolio Offices and Enterprise PMOs developing and implementing P3M governance, assurance and methodology, and improving reporting approaches.

We know what your CxO stakeholders want

…because we have extensive experience of gathering data and transforming it into meaningful Management Information for CxOs. We can create a dynamic programme schedule and use it to seek out potential problems and overcome them.

We have a knack of ensuring there is just enough process and documentation in place to make sure things are being done robustly and justifiably, but not so much that it interferes with Getting Things Done.

Sure, a lowest-common-denominator project support person would cost less, but would they represent better value? Do you want someone who can just keep your documentation up to date, or do you want someone who can create it all from scratch, who understands what it means, who actively seeks out gaps and then does something about them?

Do you want someone to knock a few items off your To Do list and make a few holes in your diary, or someone who can read the situation and provide the PMO services you need before you even ask for them?

You know, support you can lean on?

So, what does good delivery support look like to a programme director?

It’s about playing the role of the trusted advisor or critical friend.   

It’s about implementing that new process or new service you’ve been wanting for ages but haven’t had the capacity for because you’ve been up to your neck.

It’s about being able to read a situation and produce what you need, often before you even ask for it.
And after that difficult meeting when the doors close and it’s just us left in the room, it’s about being the person that you can trust to deliver frank independent advice and to answer you honestly when you ask…

“Does my bum look big in this?”

It’s about being the Tyrion to your Daenerys

The Jeeves to your Wooster

The Alfred to your Batman

It’s about being a PMO Professional.

What to expect when you engage The PMO Professionals


Day to day, we will keep in close contact with you and your team using secure online conferencing and collaboration tools that work seamlessly alongside your existing systems and processes.

So even if you operate across multiple locations or time zones, we can work together regardless of where your people are physically located.


When you engage us, we’ll work together to agree on a Statement of Work with clear milestones, metrics and measures.

Once we’re all clear on what’s needed, we’ll get to work!

And you can expect us to put in the effort required to deliver results - because that’s why you called in the professionals.

Set up for success

We won't move on until the agreed handover and knowledge transfer have been completed. This ensures that your people are set up for success and can build upon the results we've achieved together.

And if you'd like more help from us further down the line, then we can make good use of all that residual knowledge of your systems, processes and people to really hit the ground running next time...

Why not book a call to see if we're a good fit?