Tools for teamwork

Are members of your project team out of touch with the challenges the rest of the team is facing?

Do they find it difficult to find key documents and pieces of information?

There is a better way – using standard office software tools that your company probably already owns…

What we do

Everything in one place

Documents, schedules, governance packs, RAID registers, news updates, and discussion; project information all in one place, all with configurable permissions so that the right people only have access to what they need.

Version control

Work on just one “live” copy of a document, with all previous versions filed behind it. View who created which version when, and restore to an earlier version with a click. No more “Slide_Pack_V14_final_FINAL_(Revised)”

Reduce email chaos

No more confusing email discussions with forked conversations. 

No more circulation of documents as attachments and trying to combine comments and revisions from multiple sources.


Single version of the truth

One place where delivery teams can find everything they need to get their work done, and tailor stakeholder communications without duplication of effort. 

Deconstruct those information silos today!

And more...

What sets us apart

We work on an outcomes basis

We don’t need a desk in your office or any equipment - we've got that covered.


Day to day, we will keep in touch regularly using online conferencing and asynchronous collaboration tools. We can provide a face to face option where necessary, to achieve a specific outcome.


So whether you’re keen to minimise your facilities footprint, or you're operating across multiple time zones - you can benefit from our services regardless of your physical location.

We deliver, then we depart

When you engage with us to achieve a particular outcome, we’ll agree with you how this will be delivered using a statement of work with clear milestones, metrics and measures.


Then we’ll work with laser focus to deliver that outcome.


When it’s done we’ll carry out any agreed knowledge transfer - and then we’ll move on.

We are self starters

Once we’ve all agreed what’s needed, we’ll get to work!


We will keep you updated throughout, and you can expect us to put in as much effort as is needed to deliver results.


Because let’s face it - it’s results you need, not more management overhead, right?


And if those results happen sooner than expected, rest assured that we won’t conjure up more work to bill you for.

Get in touch! We are looking forward to getting started.