You need a PMO that drives the realisation of benefits within your organisation

You need a PMO that will ensure

  • Investment in the right projects that support your long-term goals and objectives as well as short-term business needs;
  • Delivery of successful projects that provide value for money and return on investment (ROI).
Seven core PMO principles will guide our work with you. 
These proven principles enable us to resolve the challenges faced by your delivery teams, irrespective of industry type or geographical location. 
A PMO creates a level of coordination and consistency across your project portfolio that otherwise wouldn’t exist – and these principles can be applied regardless of the methodologies used to deliver change within your organisation.
Facilitate sponsorship & engagement
Promote governance alignment
Provide consistent, accurate, timely & transparent information
Act as a trusted challenge partner to drive value
Offer adaptive capabilities & services
Lead by example
Adopt a continuous improvement mindset
Why choose the PMO Professionals?

We Know PMO


PMO experts

Our consultants have demonstrable real-world experience in setting up, running, and improving a PMO.

Each can evidence relevant professional certifications alongside successful track records working in PMOs across multiple industry sectors. 

Our director, Ken Burrell, has even written a PMO book, Learning Lessons from Projects


Pragmatic & trusted

As regular speakers at PMO events and the authors of articles published on project management forums, we share pragmatic advice about the day-to-day realities of working in PMO.

Clients and peers alike trust us to provide just enough process, standardisation, and consistency to get things done without stalling progress.  


100% Independent

We won’t promote any particular project management methodology, delivery approach or software package.

We are proud of our reputation for professional integrity.

Any recommendations we may offer will be driven only by what we believe will work best for you – considering your particular goals and objectives.  


Service provider

Various engagement models are available, enabling you to buy our services in a way that best suits your circumstances and budget.

Each of our PMO professionals will arrive fully equipped and ready to work, and we’ll provide the most appropriately skilled people. Any necessary handovers will be carried out with minimal impact and maximum continuity.  

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Why choose the PMO Professionals?

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