Continuous improvement mindset

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  This one is about end user engagement in change. The point being made here is that if as a user (the people on the right) you aren’t prepared to articulate what you want, don’t be surprised if you don’t like what you get. And no, “isn’t it obvious?” doesn’t count. Sometimes the idea of a change can seem…

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Does your organisation lose out on learning?

The experience of running projects contains insights that ought be useful to organisations and individuals, yet very often this useful knowledge is not fully or effectively exploited. Does your organisation learn all that it could from its delivery experience? See if you recognise anything in the post below… How can you tell your organisation is…

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Why you should have your retrospective run independently

To get the best out of people, a group lesson session needs to foster the right atmosphere, ask the right questions, and encourage the right behaviours. This can be achieved very effectively by having the lesson-gathering session(s) run by someone completely independent of the project or even the organisation. What are the benefits of having…

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What to look for in a partner to run your retrospective

You’re bought into the idea of having your project or programme retrospective run independently. So what should you look for in a partner to run your retrospective? Knowledge This is about whether the partner has a good understanding of the processes involved in identifying and capturing insights, and turning these into actionable learning. Do they understand how…

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I messed up live on air!

I was booked by Lindsay Scott of the House of PMO to deliver a webinar on setting up and working as a contractor. It was important to me that it went well, because I was also going to use the webinar to launch a brand new business – The PMO Professionals. I had some (ahem!)…

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The Campaign for Real Project Managers

I’ve been thinking about authenticity and the way that Project Managers [PMs] and PMO professionals present themselves in the professional arena. I saw a LinkedIn post a while back highlighting a vacancy advert requiring that the PM had previous experience of managing ‘ugly’ projects, and recounting experience of having interviewed multiple PMs whose projects had…

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Outsiders perspective
The value of an outsider’s perspective

I undertook a series of business planning sessions with business leadership coach Bekka Prideaux, which were aimed at helping me to work out what I want to achieve with my business and how to get it there. During the sessions, Bekka asked many questions – most of them were pretty simple, but required a lot…

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